Day 55 – Ribble-Tastic

WARNING ALERT – Lots of photos….we took over 140 today!

Today was our return journey on the Ribble Link. Our passage was booked for 9.21 with four other boats (three narrow boats – nb Silver Fox, nb Comfortably Numb and nb Knightlow, and one yoghurt pot, Breeze). As we were moored at the front, we went in the locks first with nb Comfortably Numb – with Toby making a text book reverse maneuver into the lock.

The first three locks were a staircase, in any other picture you would think we’re going up as the boats are facing forward, when in fact we’re going down the locks.

Between the locks, the passage can be quite narrow, I stayed at the bow on lookout.

After the last lock, we continued on Savick Brook which was much lower than on our upward journey, but with a rising tide; we were close to running aground a few times. You can see the tide marks on the banks and the difference. Maybe going first wasn’t such a good idea??

We were held on the pontoon ahead of the sea lock until 12.45. Just enough time for some soup and bread and a cuppa. All the boats cast off and this time we were the last. This did play to our advantage, as there is a right turn on to the River Ribble and the oncoming tide, we saw the first boat get pushed back quite a long way. When it was our turn, it was a case of ‘pedal to the metal’ and floor it! Toby did a grand job making the turn.

The view after the turn is quite dramatic, with such a wide expanse of water and low lying ground. It was such fun following the other boats, it’s not often you follow in convoy on a narrowboat.

The video sums up the day for me, I’ve had such a fun day and something I won’t forget.

We continued along the River Ribble looking out for our marker called Asland Lamp which guards the sand bank. We heard a few grumblings from the engine bay which was of some concern, once we rounded Asland Lamp and on to the River Douglas, they disappeared – phew, it must have been the convergence of the currents under the boat.

After the turn on to the River Douglas, the river seemed more gentle and the bank started to creep back in.

We soon reached the sea lock at Tarleton and back on the Leeds and Liverpool canal. Toby exchanged contact details with the other boaters, and his phone hasn’t stopped pinging all evening, I don’t think he can cope with all the replies! We’ve exchanged photos, sadly the ones received were all taken on a phone so the zoom hasn’t worked so well.

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  1. Great photos – you don’t need anyone else’s! Love the one where you are all in convoy and guarding the yogurt pot. Glad you both had such a wonderful day.

  2. Oh dear all those amateur photographers! Fancy trying to zoom with a phone- huh.

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