Bog and Bag Blog

Thought for the day:  We try not to take ourselves too seriously (especially where (in)sanitary matter is  concerned).

Stopped at CliftonCruisers as we were triple lining.  Emptied back end filled front end and Oliver then sat perfectly trimmed.

Called in at Rugby to visit the supermarket and The Range.  Pat threw his bag in the canal, fortunately before it contained any shopping.  He could have been given a compliment but all he got was a pat on the bag and a wet back when walking back.

Thai green curry for dinner accompanied by Sarah’s very fine rhubarb gin.

When the rain came guess who was granted permission to take the tiller?


Tunnel Vision

Met up with Pat’s brother Ian this morning and he travelled with us to Braunston.  He really enjoyed being on a canal he visited for the first time in 1980.



Judith had helmed yesterday so well that it was hardly worth an entry and the rhubarb seemed more important.  Today she really hogged the tiller. She kindly handed over to Romy for a spell just before leaving the tunnel but judging from the look on Romy’s face she didn’t enjoy it as much as Judith did.

The “Tunnel Buster” lit up the walls of the tunnel very well but it was not appreciated by oncoming vessels when directed straight at them.

We were very lucky to avoid the Bank Holiday queues that built up in the opposite direction at Hilmorton.

Compliments today to Toby for the excellent beer provided on board.



A Day Full Of Compliments

Thought for the day: “If you compliment someone  each day they will feel great and so will you.”

Peter made an excellent exit from the marina.  Romy helmed superbly through Buckby locks entering several alongside another boat.  Judith did a fantastic job stewing rhubarb.  Pat manoeuvered using his extensive skills with great aplomb, to squeeze us in to refuel at Rugby Boats.

We were all so pleased with ourselves that we all had a gin and tonic.

Norton Junction


Preparing For A Pootle To The Pennines

The latest version of the “Small Person Step” has now been completed.

small-person-stepIt is made from a rather beautiful piece of solid oak and has some sturdy folding legs. Smiley and Springy have been testing it and both said they thought it a bit Bah-my.

I can’t wait to see it in action.

Coming along nicely is the highly adjustable tunnel illumination device based on the Olight SR mini and designed to brighten up even the darkest moments.