Fresh water is stored in a large integral compartment in the bows of the boat, underneath the hatch. There’s a screw-top opening for filling through, which can be undone using the blue plastic key hanging on the hook at the back of the boat, or you can open the hatch itself (it’s easier to see when it’s full that way!). A hose reel is located in the port bow locker.

If you’re out and about you’ll likely need a CRT key to access any water taps – the key is on a black shoelace hanging on the hooks at the back of the boat.

Water can be turned on / off via the red lever on the starboard side of the cross-wise front locker.  There’s also a switch for the water pump on the electrics panel at the stern. The water pump itself is located in the forward most kitchen cupboard

Central Heating and Hot Water

Central heating is provided by a Webasto Thermotop C diesel heater.  This will heat both the water and the radiators. The engine will also heat the hot water, but not the rads. There’s no temperature control other than the thermostats on the radiators themselves, or opening some hatches!


Diesel Stove

The diesel stove uses diesel from the main fuel tank, but only seems to work when the engine isn’t running.  It produces a lot of heat, but can be tricky to light! The lighting procedure is as follows:

  1. Ensure the curtain is well away from the chimney flue
  2. Push the steel cleaning rod at the back of the stove in and out a couple of times. It’s a bit stiff to pull out. Ensure it’s left out when you’re finished (same position as it should start in)
  3. Turn the control valve to 2-3 and leave it for 30-60s until you see a small damp patch of diesel has spread to the centre of the stove (a torch is handy here – there’s one in the wooden box on the side)
  4. Turn the control valve off again
  5. Light a match and drop it in to the bottom where it should light the diesel
  6. Leave the small patch of diesel in the bottom to burn for 3-4 minutes and heat up the insides. If you leave it too long and it burns out, start again from step 3 but wait a little less time.
  7. Turn the control knob on to “pilot” and wait for 10 minutes or until you have a clean flame
  8. Turn the control knob to the desired setting (pilot is often more than enough!)

To turn it off, simply turn the control knob off and wait – it will take a little while to burn out so don’t be concerned if it keeps burning for a few minutes.

If there’s no diesel coming out, check that:

  1. The steel cleaning rod is pulled back
  2. The stop cock located under the wooden trim between the stove and the radiator is open (in-line with the pipe)
  3. The stop cock under the engine hatch by the fuel filter is open
  4. There’s diesel in the tank

If there is diesel, but you can’t get it to light, try using a BBQ firelighter (front right locker in the cratch) to get things started.


The toilet is a macerating toilet connected to a holding tank. To be safe, empty the holding tank each week or when it starts to smell.  The tank is under the bed if you want to give it a thump to test how full it is. The pump out is on the starboard side so try to moor starboard-side on if you are going for a pump out (though most will reach over the boat if that’s not possible).

After pumping out, put half a bottle of the green toilet fluid (front cratch locker) into the toilet bowl and flush it through. Do not use “blue” toilet chemicals as it kills all the good bacteria. Similarly, only use the provided cleaner as it is friendly to the good bacteria.


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