Water Tank cleanout

This weekend the big clearout inside continued; we found troubles with the gas oven not staying lit, the houdini hatches got their rubber seals put back in place and sealant applied around the frames, the dishwasher(!) was taken out and last but not least the water tank got a big clean out and some rust treatment with Vactan

Here’s a few piccies:

The tank as we found it after emptying

Old rusty
Old rusty

I found a new home!

Down the hatch
Down the hatch

The cleaned out tank, with Vactan treatment already drying out towards the top

Clean tank
Clean tank

Jobs done:

  • Dishwasher and washing machine removed
  • Utility cupboard cleaned and tidied
  • Houdini hatches’ seals pushed back in
  • Houdini hatches’ frames sealed (it’s still leaking!!)
  • Stern gland greaser refilled
  • Water tank cleaned and painted with vactan
  • Kitchen sink drain leak repaired