The new toilet

The new tank is now in, along with all the new pipework and the monitoring system.

The control panel was expertly cut out by Barry with help from Sarah, and just looks like it’s always belonged there. We now have a tank monitor along with the flush controls so we know when we need to empty – always handy!

Toilet monitor

Here’s the other end of the tank-monitor – lots of wires and fiddly cutting of the sensors to the right depths, but nothing we couldn’t handle 🙂

Tank guage fitted
Tank guage fitted

The pipe work is mostly fitted just using rubber grommets to make a seal, but for one connection the plastic needs welding together – I was a bit nervous about this as the thought of any leaks wasn’t a pleasant one, but luckily all went well!

Solvent welding the pipework
Solvent welding the pipework

And finally the tank and all the connections were done – hooray!

All plumbed in
All plumbed in

Toilet woes come to a head

The toilet has been showing signs of its age so we finally decided to bite the bullet and replace both it and the tank. At the same time it seems a good opportunity to fit a working tank monitor gauge.

Yesterday we got the old tank out, and today we tidied up a bit and investigated where to put the new monitor panel.

Here’s the view under the bed where the tank goes


and here’s the new tank, in place but not fitted or connected yet.


There’s not a lot of room to spare at the head of the bed, but should be enough for the pipework.