Day 51 – Gusty Glasson

We waived goodbye to Lancaster, and headed south. Magnet fishing has really taken off in the last year, with someone finding a wheelchair – I guess the question is, was there a body attached when it went in??

The scenery soon changed from the city to the cutting, with straight stretches in the shade of the trees.

A planned water stop and pump out at Galgate. When we first got the boat, I wasn’t really up for the self pumpout, it does whiff a bit, but after seeing your own waste pass through the clear plastic connector pipe as many times as we have, I’m kinda over it! The water tank filled faster than expected and was overflowing. Rather than waste the water by running the tap, we went over to the towpath side of the canal, and Toby indulged in one of the longest boat showers EVER!

We turned on to the Glasson Arm, and the wind was noticeable. The two pictures below show both sides of the bridge ahead of the first lock. Blimey those rack and pinion lock paddles were tough, Toby was desperate for me to steer but with the wind, I didn’t feel confident that Oliver would end up where I wanted!

The lilies lined the banks of the canal, not quite ready to show off their yellow flowers.

The wind made it interesting for me with slightly longer hair than Toby – Toby just looks like a cool dude all the time!

Oliver tied up on the lock landing waiting for the lock to fill.

Toby had concerns that it was too windy to get in to Glasson Basin, and we’d have to moor on the towpath. The wind was blowing in the right direction, and Toby got us in first time – and with the tyres out so no bumping around in the night.

We had a walk around the basin, the River Lune at low tide. We found the Port of Lancaster Smokehouse, but as it was about to close, we decided to head back tomorrow morning – Morecambe potted shrimps may well be on the menu for lunch onboard chez Oliver!