Enjoying the sunshine

We had a lovely day out over the weekend, the sun was shining and it was a perfect day to pootle along so we went down towards Weedon Bec and back. The bathroom sink is now back in one piece and no longer leaking… hopefully the bedroom hatch is no longer leaking either, but only time will tell on that one!

Leaving the marina – always a bit tricky with lots of fellow boaters watching the newbies!!


Check out Sarah’s £4 special new sunglasses
A rare starboard shot of the boat in port (It could do with a clean)

One thought on “Enjoying the sunshine”

  1. We had our first trip with Oliver on 14th June. Toby and Sarah gave us a very nice introduction to their new friend and we thoroughly enjoyed our first sleepover. The marina was excellent and a great choice. We feel sure Oliver will enjoy staying there with his new family and making many voyages with them on the canals.
    Peter and Romy

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