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Day 110 – Apple Bobbing In The Canal!?

What were all these apples doing in the canal today? We couldn’t see any nearby apple trees, so I think they must be leftovers from a massive apple bobbing competition. Or perhaps it solves the mystery of where Tim and Sam’s apples went to after they were stolen from the stern of their boat overnight. Who knows?

I’m getting ahead of myself though. After meeting Tim and Sam on nb Plan B at the Dudley BCLM moorings, we saw their boat again in Birmingham. We texted to say hello, and they invited us round for bacon sarnies in the morning – delicious! We’re headed separate ways today, so said our farewells but hope we’ll meet again somewhere sooner or later.

We turned right at Old Turn Junction, and under the newly named Black Sabbath Bridge. The local water taxi was waiting to depart, but kindly waited for us to go past first.

Sarah waved hello to “The Mailbox” as went by – ex Royal Mail offices now converted to shops and apartments. It’s changed a bit since back then!

I nearly shed a tear for the poor little teddy left behind, outside the new uni student flats 🙁

We had hoped to moor opposite Bourneville, but had been forewarned that the moorings were filled with “gypsy boaters”, and indeed there were. Four boats there that didn’t look to have any intention of honouring the 48hr stay signs, so we pressed on.

Fortified by some crumble for lunch (me, not Sarah!), we turned on to the Stratford canal at King’s Norton junction and through the disused guillotine lock.

The general advice is not to moor between the junction and the lift bridge at Shirley; we went a little further and moored up in the same spot as the last time we came this way, just after bridge 14 past Dickens Heath. Funnily enough nb “Autumn Years” is here too; they were moored just behind us in Birmingham, so we said hello again!

Sunday in the sunshine

With the England match this afternoon, it was a busy morning on the canals. Trying to get Toby up and moving is quite a challenge, he’s still in bed and one boat goes past going our way – damn!  Finally ready to cast off at 8.30 and another boat comes in to view, which is also going our way.  Bad etiquette to pull out in front of them, so another boat passes going our way – double damn!!

Sunshine in the lock with the most beautiful flowers

If only every canal lock looked like this

Only six locks today, one pound was quite low and Toby was grounded, luckily emptying the lock pushed enough water through to pass

Toby approaching the lock

We moored up at 10.30, and it felt really odd to be finished so early (only two hours cruising). Toby decided to wash the roof and the canal side of the boat, every passing boat says the same ‘I bet you wish you’d bought a shorter boat’!

Toby washing the roof of the boat

An indulgent lunch of pancakes, bacon and maple syrup (it had to be done!), aerial up, TV tuned and Toby watched the footie, phew they won.

Toby made some ciabatta rolls for lunch tomorrow.

Toby kneading the dough

Thoughts turn to tomorrow and the Tardebigge flight and 36 locks, perfect timing with the hottest day of the year so far.

From Summerhill Farm Bridge No 38 to Astwood Bridge No 41, a distance of 1 mile, 2¾ flg and 6 locks.