Day 5 – Happy Third Wedding Anniversary

Three years ago today, we both said ‘I do’. It’s leather for year three, I was somewhat predictable with the leather wallet, Toby gave me a lovely leather keyring for my bike. We also received some lovely cards.

We were in for a longish day as we were meeting some paddling friends (Sarah and Tabitha) who live at Aynho Wharf. We cast off at 9am with the morning provisions at hand – three of those cups are me and tea!

It was a busy day with lots of boats on the move, and again, quite a few queues. As soon as we arrive, off I go with my windlass in hand shimmying folk along to open a paddle/open a gate. I forget that they’re on holiday and taking it nice and slow. Pictures below are of 1) a disused lock keepers house – we like the quote in the boarded up window 2) a Selfie blown up and put on the side of the house (weird!) and 3), maybe the bottom half of the guy we saw getting out of the shower yesterday!

I think the novelty of locking has worn off on Toby and he’s back to steering. He’s realised that you have to talk to folk at locks, which is just too much like hard work. So here I am, waiting for the lock to empty.

Our first stop was Banbury, we were both shocked by the amount of building work that’s going on, it will be transformed when it’s finished. We had a quick stop off and I walked to Waitrose to get some supplies for our BBQ this evening – I was on dessert duty which is hardly a chore!

It was quite sad to see this lock keepers cottage and the arson attack, the roof has collapsed, and you can still see the personal possessions. The local view is that it will be pulled down.

We had a couple of squeaky fender locks which were very tight. Toby had to breathe in, and walk down the side to lift the fenders – yes he ended up with a filthy bum.

We’d not seen a green gas bottle before, it turns out to be patio gas. The owner can’t be a sailor, as they should be the other way round.

The afternoon’s progress was sooooo slow and we were stuck behind a hireboat going slower than tickover. We kept catching them up at the lock. In the end, I offered to work the lock and they stay on their boat (which they accepted and were back on board before I finished my sentence!). It was quicker for me to do it myself, than their faffing…..and I mean some serious faffing!!

We arrived at Anyho Wharf at about 5.30 , we were able to reverse on to one of the pontoons at The Wharf which was lucky as there were no towpath moorings. We had a lovely socially distanced BBQ with Sarah, Tabitha, Steve and Janet.

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  1. Happy Anniversary (again!), and wasn’t it a glorious day for it. We always thought Banbury would be a pretty town – nice name for a start – but the part that the canal goes through left a lot to be desired. Maybe the transformation will be just what it needs.

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