Oliver’s Grand Llangollen Adventure comes to an end

After 6 fantastic weeks, today is Oliver’s last day of his grand adventure to Llangollen and back.


We started with a beautiful sunny morning, the perfect start to the last day.

The day started bright and sunny
The day started bright and sunny

In no time at all we were coming up to Braunston junction

Ironwork bridges at Braunston
Ironwork bridges at Braunston – we took the right hand fork

Braunston is one of our favourite places to stop and gongoozle, but today we didn’t stop and went through the locks and up to the tunnel. On the way we came across this strange sight:

The poor horse was clearly tired of pulling boats and wanted to hitch a ride instead
The poor horse was clearly tired of pulling boats and wanted to hitch a ride instead

The tunnel is long and dark, but thankfully as there’s been so little rain recently it was relatively dry for once so we didn’t get soaked like we usually do. Sarah had great fun trying to get some atmospheric photos in the dark, here’s a small selection of them







After the tunnel we were soon back at the junction to Buckby locks, our nemesis. Fortunately we met up with another boat, (The Denby Rose also from Heyford Fields Marina) so shared the work and got through them in good time, before refuelling at Rugby boats and finally returning back to where it all started. Little did we know Dad was keeping tabs on us all the time, and took careful note of our arrival

Someone's spying on us!
Someone’s spying on us!

It feels strange to be back in the marina, but we were delighted to find our neighbours Razamataz back in the water after 6 months of refit after a fire, and it was lovely to see everyone again.

Now we must start planning the next great adventure…. watch this space!