Day 119 – All Good Things Must Come To An End

Today was our final run in to the marina, we both felt quite sad and motored on tickover for most of it, neither of us wanted our adventure to end. It was a short cruise, stopping at Rugby Boats for fuel, pump out and a gas bottle. Toby asked if I’d (OK, gave me the eyes and almost begged me!) steer us in to the marina, it was on one condition and we go in bow first! Lucky for me, Robin and Jan on nb Sweet Thyme have moved, so I had a double pontoon to aim for!

It was a sad moment on exactly 1050 engine hours we pushed the stop button for the last time on this trip.

We’ve had such a wonderful adventure, made possible by so many people supporting us, from our employers, to family and friends. Regrets? Only one, we didn’t do a celebratory donut goodbye at Salthouse Docks. We’ve often talked about our top three highlights, in no order they are 1) The Ribble Link, 2) Mooring in Liverpool and 3) Making new friends which we hope will be lifelong friends.

With a few tears, it’s time to say goodbye. It’s our second wedding anniversary on Monday, we’ll leave you with the song we walked out to – not everyone’s cup of tea, but we love it, it makes us smile every time we hear it.

5 thoughts on “Day 119 – All Good Things Must Come To An End”

  1. Welcome home! That was a trip of a lifetime, and you have so many wonderful photos to remind you of all of it. Thank you for all those daily posts that let us follow you every step (bow-wave?) of the way.

  2. Hi
    After “strictly done boating” your back looking great and ready to plan your next adventure. We have thoroughly enjoyed the blog and fantastic photos and look forward to catching up when your free.
    Best wishes
    Richard and Jane

  3. It’s been a pleasure.

    What is this life, if full of care,
    We have no time to stand and stare…….. Wm Henry Davies

    He might have written this while steering a narrow boat.

    You have so many memories of the time you haver had to stand and wonder at all the sights and plenty of photos should some days slip your memories.

    We look forward to future adventures even if they don’t occupy so many days.

  4. Aw, what an amazing time you have had, great memories to cherish, great pictures to look back on , and life long friends to look forward to seeing again. We wish you a happy anniversary for Monday, and as the song says happiness , happiness the greatest gift of all. Xx take care till next time x

  5. Welcome back!
    Sorry we have deserted you and defected to the other side! We will come and see you soon with the crazy dog. So glad you had such a great time.
    Love Jan, Robin and Ivy

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