Day 116 – Make Hay While The Sun Shines

Sarah promised a lie in this morning, and so we had a nice leisurely start to the day with tea and coffee in bed. It was a lovely sunny day, but a little chilly in the wind.

Sarah helmed us all the way through the Stockton flight, she’s got it down to a fine art now. I only opened one paddle, so the water flow keeps Oliver nicely tucked into the side – and it makes my life a lot easier!

Sarah liked that you can see the paddle behind the grill; normally they’re below the water line and out of sight.

I took over helming duties for the last three locks at Calcutt, glad of a rest after working the locks for the previous 10. Sarah was glad we switched over when we had 4 boats in the pound waiting to go down as we came up. The second pair should have left the lock for us to come up first, but were clearly too impatient, so I had fun manoeuvring in the strong winds.

The wind was making it feel decidedly chilly in the afternoon, especially when the sun went behind the clouds; Sarah had to resort to both hoodie and bodywarmer to keep warm.

We moored up a bit before bridge 100, opposite a farmer’s field where he was busy collecting the hay.

Sarah cooked dinner, and I fixed a broken fastener on the cratch cover. I retreated to the roof as the swans were surrounding the bow looking for food!

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  1. Interesting to see the paddle mechanism. Is it a ground paddle? Can’t quite make out the angle we’re looking at.

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