Day 114 – My Cup Runneth Over

River and Canal Rescue sent Jake and his apprentice Ben around this morning to look into our rudder problems. Ben got into his dry suit and into the canal, whilst Jake stood on deck to direct affairs and lift the whole tiller and rudder assembly up. After unscrewing a few bolts, they lifted the rudder post out of the cup that it normally sits in, wiggled it around the plate it was stuck on, and back into place again. Job done! It was probably less than half an hour from start to finish.

By the time they were gone, it was a little after 11am and we were both a bit tired from the previous few days. Sarah’s a bit achy and her ears are a bit blocked up with wax which isn’t very nice, so we decided to stay put and do a few little odd jobs rather than go exploring Warwick.

The ear wax removal drops we’re using seem to be quite effective, but they fizz a bit and Sarah says they sound a bit like popping candy, but right in your ear rather than in your mouth!

I put a fresh lick of paint on the guttering at the back, it looks heaps better than it used to!

We end with a little song, to celebrate the rudder fitting back snugly in its cup again.

One thought on “Day 114 – My Cup Runneth Over”

  1. Glad to see that the drops are making a difference. We’ve also experienced your rudder problem. Luckily THE RCR man didn’t need to get into the canal on that occasion!

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