Day 111 – Winter Is Coming

Leg cramps in the night, a mozzie bite on by bum (and yes I was wearing PJs) and a blocked ear despite what feels like enough oil drops in my ear to fry my own fish and chips! I was not on full form this morning, and certainly not looking forward to the 13 locks ahead of us.

A breezy morning, a fellow boater felt it cold enough to put the fire on, and we passed fields full of (dare I say the word) Christmas trees.

I offered Toby the chance to operate the first locks, they were quite far spaced out, so I could go slowly if any of them needed filling – and it keeps Toby off my back about steering. Toby has mastered the trick of pushing the open gate with one leg, I think I need a bit more practice.

13 locks done in super fast time, and we were moored by 12.30. Lunch of freshly baked sourdough bread (it’s a tough life) and cheese. Toby painted a coat of primer on the newly filled guttering.

We agreed that Oliver needed a bit of a clean, so we washed, rinsed, and dried the roof and one side. We noticed some light scratches on the side, probably from branches sticking out at bridge holes (and probably me steering), we can’t blame Romy or Peter for those ones! The scratches polished out nicely, and Oliver looks like a shiny new penny. Our reward – a smooze ice pop for me, and the rest of the chocolate fudge Ben and Jerrys tub of ice cream for Toby – yum!

One thought on “Day 111 – Winter Is Coming”

  1. The running repairs look excellent. Not so keen on the gate opening method – looks risky to me, especially as water level is so low beneath you. It’s not supposed to be a race to the finish.

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