Day 92 – Away With The Faeries

This morning Rosemary and Sarah went to investigate Faery Fest, which was just beside the canal at Llangollen. Most of it is inside the impressive Llangollen Pavilion, which can seat 5000 people.

There were lots of people in fancy dress and some amazing things to look at and admire. The little tree houses (right hand side below) took about 6 weeks each to make. The steampunk R2-D2 was radio controlled, but sadly not steam powered. I definitely want one, but he’s not for sale, just a labour of love by a fan.

We cast off after lunch, when the worst of the rain was forecast to have passed. In the end though, the weather wasn’t too bad all day long, though the clouds threatened rain.

Sarah expertly steered us through the narrows, whilst I went ahead with the walkie-talkie. I found a couple of boats already heading through towards us, so Sarah held back with two other boats until they were through and it was our turn.

There was a lot of juggling of boats about before we got onto the aqueduct, as the trip boat was coming the other way and needs a lot of room to make the left turn off the aqueduct; Sarah did an amazing job reversing and fitting us between two other boats until the trip boat had passed.

Even after the aqueduct it was still pretty busy, with 5 boats all trying to fit around this bend in one direction or the other!

The views make it all worth while, what lovely scenery for a cuppa.

The trees are a little overgrown in places, so some ducking was required!

We made it to Chirk just in time for me to watch the opening Manchester United football game of the season. 4-0 vs Chelsea, so I’m a happy man tonight!