Day 90 – Two Become Three

We got well and truly mullered last night with the torrential rain, thunder and lightning. I was convinced the rain was pouring in the engine bay and Toby went out in his PJs and a torch to check – I was far from popular on his return! We walked to the shops and topped up supplies, Toby cleaned the outside and I prepped dinner and made chocolate brownies….I know who got the better deal.

We saw the boats going through the tunnel, including a rowing boat who look a bit too close to the stern of the narrowboat for my liking.

Mum arrived from Oxford, it was lovely to see her.

No sooner was on mum on board, we had cast off and underway, trying to stay one day ahead of the rain clouds.

We crossed the Pontcysyllte aqueduct, we were lucky to be the only boat, I got some great pictures thanks to my secret santa selfie stick. I admit the crossing made me feel wobbly, I stayed well in the boat and held on tight.

We took all the advice and moored about an hour short of the Llangollen basin, in the hope that we get near first pickings of the moorings in the basin as the boats will be leaving. It absolutely hammered down as we were mooring, but it soon passed and we’ve had a dry evening.

One thought on “Day 90 – Two Become Three”

  1. At least the rain will give you a bit more depth where you need it, and good luck for best choice of mooring tomorrow!
    Might walk up to Horseshoe Falls again?

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