Day 89 – Love Is…..

…when you step in dog poo and your hubbie offers to clean your shoes, thank you Toby, you’re my hero!

A beautiful warm sunny morning, Toby had the left over crumble for breakfast (and the same yesterday), I do wonder where he puts it!

The canal seemed to get quite twisty today, the scenery kept us entertained with the back gardens and farmland although the smells could be quite ‘fruity’ at times.

Only two locks today in close succession, I’m glad we were going our way with at least five boats queuing to come down. We’re hoping that most boats are going back to base with it being close to the weekend. I know we struggle getting rid of rubbish on the Llangollen, it doesn’t look like this boat has moved recently.

We soon reached Chirk and over the aqueduct, the bridge to the right is the railway bridge and intentionally built higher by the railway builders as a sign of superiority. It was waiting here that I had the incident with the dog poo! We also left England and are now firmly in Welsh territory.

Through the tunnel and the whiff of molten chocolate is almost too much – I’m taking in deep breathes and enjoying it! Chirk is the home to Mondelez, the owners of Cadbury. We’ve moored up ready for mum arriving tomorrow afternoon by train, so an ideal spot.

We walked in to Chirk and topped up supplies at the local Spar, a wonderful butchers and a fruit and veg shop. We’ll go back tomorrow as it was a bit too much to carry in one go (I think it was the Bara Brith that tipped it!).