Day 88 – Squeeky Bum Time

Before we cast off, Toby baked the latest loaf of sourdough bread ready for lunch, he’s mastered the knack of cooking the bread in the gas oven and we’ve only purchased one loaf when Toby had a migraine.

It was a changeable weather day, these photos are taken at the same time, I’m glad we were moving away from the clouds! Speaking of directions, Toby was reversing before a bridge to let two hireboats past coming the other way, the second boat asked if we were going their way…….what all the way in reverse?!

A day for squishy faces too.

We stopped for lunch next to Blake Mere, formed some 10,000 years ago at the end of the Ice Age, Toby managed to get a good photo of a damselfly.

The traffic increased as we approached Ellesmere, the festival starts on Friday, there’s a service point along with shops and pubs. I was steering and came under the bridge needing to turn left, I saw a boat coming the other way who nicely drifted across to the far side of the bank out of my way (I later learned this was due to the gusty winds!), five boats in total on the move and I didn’t hit one of them! Phew….hands up, I did manage to nudge the next two bridges though.

We missed our preferred mooring, so we’ve ended up on a bendy visitor mooring, still lovely and out in the sticks with enough privacy for Toby to pee in the bushes (well done on taking one for the team Toby, the tank comes first!).

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