Day 86 – The Cookie Monster

We do like an enforced lie in with tea and coffee in bed, this time due to Swanley Marina not opening until 9am. A self service pump out at £19.50 so not cheap, but we’ve come to love our self service pump outs, and have quite a well oiled routine. A hire boat arrived for a pump out, when I said it was self service, they screwed up their face and said they’s go somewhere that was manned!

Lots of boats on the move today, and lovely single locks, I even had time for a bit of sunbathing while we waited.

Some of the paddles were a bit stiff and took a bit of elbow grease to open. I just hope it’s doing wonders for the old bingo wings!

We saw this rather innocuous black box by the side of the canal, it looks quite new and with two padlocks, there must be something special inside – any ideas?

We stopped at Wrenbury and enjoyed a lunch alongside for once. We then did a circular walk to the local shop, this involved a footpath full of cows, I was very close to turning round and going the other way! We purchased our supplies (milk, bananas and toms… ice cream or cake, oh how times have changed) and walked back through the church grounds.

We motored for another hour or so, and found a lovely mooring overlooking the fields. Toby polished off the last flapjack, so we were in need of new supplies ready for tomorrow and potential vlockies at the staircase. Toby offered to make the cookies, it was a packet mix, how hard can it be – just add butter and water. Toby had a sloppy mess from adding too much water, we’ve got cookies, we’ll update you tomorrow as to how edible they are.

3 thoughts on “Day 86 – The Cookie Monster”

  1. I think the box might be something to do with telemetry – water levels, flow rates etc. Complete guess though so I’m probably wrong!

  2. Did you knock on it to see if anyone was inside?
    Sarah seems to have mastered the art of sharp photos even inside Oliver but Toby is still in need of practice. Could that be why there are two “non clickable” photos including Sarah’s siesta?
    Good to see you had some sunshine. I remember the church at Wrenbury, it looked a stunning colour when we visited 6 June 2015 and they were playing some lovely music – seems so long ago.

  3. Glad your still having fun, I bet the cookies taste good. Those locks looked like a lot of elbow grease was needed. We are ready for leaving tomorrow so hope the weather isn’t to bad, thank you both for all your great advice. X

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