Day 81 – No Need for Plan B

We set off at 8am this morning – we knew the forecast was pretty dreadful, but felt it gave us the best chance of a moooring in Chester somewhere close to the train station, ready for Sarah’s journey back to Oxford tomorrow. We were both prepared to have to plough on to Christleton and moor up towards the Cheshire Cat, but luckily plan B was never needed.

I cast off the lines, whilst Sarah made tea, coffee and breakfast smoothies.

The staircase was only a short way away, and as we arrived the gate was opened for us – a CRT boat was heading through and one of the crew had gone ahead to set it up, so we joined with them. Sarah only had to do one paddle so we did well out of it! Going up the staircase the rain absolutely wopped it down – Sarah wisely hid under a bridge, and I resorted to getting the brolly out. We paid in kindness with flapjacks, good job we made some more yesterday.

Luck was with us; someone presumably left before we got there and we had a great space towards the back of the moorings in Chester, away from the pubs and not too close to the road either. So we nipped in quick and tied up, before running below from the rain.

Sarah then went to investigate the Abakhan sewing shop that’s just around the corner from us. Having missed out in Liverpool, she wasn’t going to miss out a second time! Needless to say, she loved it 🙂

Sarah then came back to Oliver and we had lunch on board before walking up to Waitrose for some food shopping. All these nice shops nearby is getting expensive!

In case that wasn’t enough shopping for the day, we then had a little meander around the Chester Rows where there are a lot of nice independent shops, as well as some of the bigger names. Sarah bought some new trousers, as the current ones keep falling down; the healthy eating is certainly working! We then had tea and coffee at The Barista’s – I also had some cake, so might need some new (bigger) trousers myself before too long at this rate!

Of course the weather has cleared up now and then sun even threatens to pop out now and then, but we got in where we wanted so we don’t mind that we got a bit wet earlier.

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  1. Love the length match and colour match with the CRT workboat in the lock AND Sarah’s treat of pick ‘n’ mix in the sewing shop!

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