Day 61 – Classical Gas

Sarah is back in Oxford this evening, ready for her ‘supercharge’ drip tomorrow morning. We said farewell at the train station – Sarah told me not to wait, so I hid until the train left and then ran up to wave her off. I had to knock on the window as she had the headphones on already!

You can see more of the Ed Sheeran poster in the reflection than you can of Sarah through the window, but nevermind! Beggars can’t be choosers, not many piccies for today.

Having waved Sarah off, I moseyed back to Oliver via the shops, stopping off en-route at M&S for the loo (as boaters tend to do!), WH Smiths to post a postcard for Sarah’s uncle Keith, and at the bakery in Albert Dock for a lovely latte and danish pastry (apple and raisin for today, it was scrummy).

Back on board, I thought I’d fill my boots playing computer games, but it didn’t quite turn out like that. Instead, I got a load of washing done. The duvet cover was done and dried in double-quick time in the lovely sunshine. The pyjamas and undies took a bit longer as the rain came along, but they’re pretty much dry now too.

Knightlow arrived whilst I was doing the washing – previously seen and befriended when we did the Ribble Link. You can just spot them in the background below! It was great to see them again.

Washing uses lots of water, so the next job was filling the water tank. The water taps are few and far between, so we have to double up with Fred’s hose to make it long enough. 4 of us then filled up one after the other using the same double-length hose – it was a good few hours before we were all done, so plenty of time to set the world to rights in between!

Before I knew it, it was nearly dinner time. Pasta carbonara for tonight (I cheated and bought the sauce!). And then the gas bottle ran out halfway… I can’t recall exactly when we swapped it, but it wasn’t all that long ago, so I was a bit concerned that there might be a leak. Sarah and I both thought it’d smelt a bit of gas recently, but not enough to be a big concern.

I swapped in the new bottle, and after consulting with Fred and Neil on the neighbouring boats, Neil brought out some gas leak detector spray. It’s the posh version of using some soapy water! I sprayed that around the joints and all looks well, so it seems like it was probably a dodgy bottle. A bit of googling suggests this isn’t as rare as you might expect, but we’ll have to keep an eye on things.

Gas bottle (hopefully) sorted, blog written – and now time for a nice long shower as the water tank is full and Sarah’s not here to tell me to stop using all the water 😉

PS – For anyone confused by the blog title, Classical Gas is a guitar classic.