Day 59 – Ferry Cross The Mersey

Today we’re playing tourist, we started off with a visit to the Royal Liver Building, which is the leftmost building of the ‘Three Graces‘ below. It’s only been open to the public since April, so not that many people have done the tour yet. They had an excellent digitally projected film, not to mention some stunning views!

The clock face is bigger than Big Ben’s, and the minute hand is 14 feet long. The chimes are really really loud when you’re up there – but there’s no bell, it’s all electronic (originally it was silent, the chimes were only added later). The clock mechanisms are still the original though, ticking away nicely.

To the south, (left-hand picture below) you can see the Liverpool Port Building in the foreground, and behind that, the red brick buildings surround Albert Dock. Salthouse Dock (and Oliver) are in the dock to the left of Albert Dock. To the North you can see some of the other docks, which we passed through on our way in. In the background is the new Liverpool2 container port.

It felt obligatory to take the Ferry ‘Cross the Mersey seeing as we’re here. We got on at the pier head (very near to The Royal Liver Building) and were soon whizzed over to Seacombe where there’s a Spaceport attraction. We sadly had to pay the ferryman before we reached the other side.

The spaceport had a lot to see, including a planetarium style cinema short film exploring the possibilities of alien life (not little green men, more little green amoeba!).

I love stuff about space, but even better they also had a Star Wars exhibit, with lots of items from an anonymous private collector.

We then went for lunch at the cafe. Having paid, we then found out we had a 20 minute wait – and the ferry was due to depart in 25 minutes. Luckily, they were able to do a ‘takeaway’, so we took our lunches with us and finished them on the ferry! The next stop was at Woodside, where there’s a U-boat exhibition.

The U-boat was recovered from the seabed, and transported over to Liverpool. It was too big for the largest crane there to handle, but they made some cross-section cuts to split it into smaller pieces, and now you can look through each cross section. Obviously it’s a bit too rusty and fragile to actually walk in, so it seems a good way of letting people see most of it.

Sarah’s uncle Keith used to work on submarines. It looks awfully cramped, and the galley was tiny. I hope his was a bit bigger than this one!

After catching the ferry back to the pier head where we started, we enjoyed a walk back to Oliver around the docks. There’s a lovely looking bakery in Albert dock – I expect you’ll hear more about it in a day or two!!

We then met up with Janet from Pool of Life dragon boat team, who we first met when she joined us for the very first paddle at Oxford Paddlers for Life. She was out on the docks dragon boating with Amathus this evening. We were invited to join in, but the weather wasn’t looking great and we were both quite tired from our adventures, so we settled for taking some photos of them instead 🙂 Janet is at the back of the red boat in the blue T-shirt.

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  1. Great photos. They bring back memories from when I was working in that area and took the opportunity to eat my sarnies in a car park overlooking the Mersey from the Albert Docks. Thanks

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