Day 58 – Am I Toby’s Long Haired Lover From Liverpool?

We had an enforced rest this morning with our passage booked in to Liverpool Docks for 1pm. Toby walked to Tesco and picked up a fluffy coffee, and I swept the roof, we both passed the time with the other boaters. We cast off at 11.30 for the short trip to the locks. We weren’t long underway when a dutch barge came past us, he was single handed and had left the docks in the morning.

As we approached the lock flight, the towers of Liverpool could be seen in the distance.

The weed is quite something on this stretch. All three chaps were down the weed hatch clearing the debris before entering the locks.

There were five vlockies (volunteer lock keepers) on duty who helped us all down the flight of four locks. We paid in chocolate brownies which were well received.

After the four locks, one of the vlockies, Stuart, hopped aboard to the next lock, it was like having our own private tour guide. We passed the huge Tobacco Warehouse which is being redeveloped and turned into apartments. It’s the world’s largest brick building, taking some 27 million bricks to build it.

We cruised past the Three Graces – the Royal Liver Building, the Cunard Building and the Port of Liverpool Building.

We worked our way through the various docks, with me getting my left turns and right turns in a bit of a pickle – good job Toby was chief navigator!

We entered Albert Docks and the huge red brick buildings, then a left turn into Salthouse Basin and the sight of the moored narrowboats – we made it.

We had a booked pontoon (S5). Toby did well reversing us in, I was just pleased there was a boat on the other pontoon as I had visions of stepping off the boat and ending up in the water.

The boat already moored next to us has gone a little over the top with the fenders, I counted 27 along one side. To say he was a little tetchy as we were coming alongside is an understatement.

Toby managed to get the very stuck diesel filter loose using the new tool, we also had a back up plan and a gadget from one of the other boaters. Filling the water tank wasn’t quite so easy as the taps are only every third pontoon, so we had to connect two hoses which worked well. I think that’s one thing I really like about the boating community, everyone helps each other – we paid in kindness with some of Toby’s beer.