Day 57 – Swinging Around

We left at the agreed time of 8.30 with Neil, Christine and woofy Layla on nb Comfortably Numb. There was some urgency today, as we had 9 swing bridges, one of which is only open from 9.30 to 2.30pm and then after 6pm.

We had a good system with each boat taking it in turns to do the swing bridges. Each one was different, some were manually operated, some were completely electric and one half and half. I had the luck of the half and half, I turned my key and the alarms started and the barriers dropped. At that point I’m expecting the swing bridge to open (with a queue of cars on both sides). Nothing happens, I look at Toby on Oliver and say it’s not working, he looks back at me as if to say ‘what do you expect me to do?’, a window then opens fro the house next to the bridge, and a chappie sticks his head out and says ‘it’s a manual lift love, you’ll need to push it’ !!

I just loved these frogs on the roof of a house extension.

As our journey continued, the lilies seem to guide us with a route just big enough for a narrowboat. The conurbations increased, with lots of folk out walking, cycling and enjoying the towpath.

Toby on Oliver, and Neil and Christine on Comfortably Numb waiting in formation for the swing bridge to open.

We moored up at 1.45 at Litherland moorings. There was only one space left so we breasted up. There was a huge Tesco just behind us, so a quick lunch and then it was playtime in the supermarket! We both felt like foreigners with the scouser accent all around us. £80 later (including two tubs of ice cream) and we were back on board.

Tomorrow we head in to Liverpool and through the various docks docks mooring in Salthouse Docks. Toby has read up on the skippers guide, we’re so looking forward to tomorrow.

One thought on “Day 57 – Swinging Around”

  1. What an eventful time you are having.
    We are somewhat envious as we have been home foe 6 days now.
    Have a great time in Liverpool.
    We’re having the boat blacked at Alvecote at present and are aiming to pick her up and move back to Wilmcote w/c 23/7. We will have two little extra crew memnbers to help us with part of the journey!

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