Day 56 – Tired and Grumpy

We woke up tired after all the excitement of yesterday’s crossing – you can probably tell from the look on our faces!

We weren’t grumpy, but the long line of fishermen having a competition weren’t best pleased when not one but two narrowboats came past. It was even better when a large group on a sponsored bike ride came along – one cyclist was nearly taken out as the fisherman pulled his pole in to avoid us, without looking to see what was coming behind him!

We’d arranged yesterday to go up the locks and through the swing bridges with Neil and Christine on Comfortably Numb. We started off a bit before them, so we had time to do a pump out, fill up with diesel, and replace a gas cylinder. After that, we met up at the first lock and soon got through the flight up the Rufford arm. Some of the side paddles have a corkscrew-type mechanism which is a bit unusual.

We got through the locks without any problems, there were no signs of anybody else moving other than us until we reached the main branch of the Leeds and Liverpool. The sky was gradually brightening, and the drizzle soon gave way to sunshine.

We started looking for somewhere to stop and have some lunch, but everywhere was either full or not so appealing, so we ended up having lunch on the go and eventually found a lovely spot by bridge 27, next to a garden with a jasmine hedge that smells wonderful!

As we were moored up in good time, it was time for some jobs. There’s been a funny smell around the pantry for ages but it’s slowly got worse, so enough was enough! Out came the chest of drawers and it was eventually tracked down to some old waste-water pipes from a dishwasher, long since removed. I gave those a good clean out and taped up the ends; fingers crossed that’s nailed it.

Sarah did some washing and made some chocolate brownies – which gave me a rather nicer job to do, namely cleaning the bowl and spatula. Well someone had to do it!