Day 54 – Burn Out

We made a relatively early get-away this morning, hoping to get to the moorings for the Ribble Link before everyone else filled up the places. There’s only room in the basin for a couple of boats, and the next nearest moorings have room for another couple, but up to 6 boats can be going down at once.

We didn’t fancy stopping in the danger zone either! This is due to a nearby factory where they manufacture the fuel rods for nuclear power stations. I’m not convinced hiding inside the boat would help us much if there was a problem with it!

We saw Colin from Iteldoo4me again when we were moored at Bilsborrow, and he’d warned us that a boat had recently been set on fire at the moorings before the Ribble Link. It’s now sunk and mostly below water, but there was room behind it for us to get in too. Another burnt out hull has been lifted out and left alongside another bridge further back. Sounds like an arsonist is on the loose, yikes!

We moored up in the remaining space and then I walked up to the basin to see if there was space for us there. All the mooorings were full, but after chatting with the people there they told me they’d be moving off in an hour or two, after their lunch.

We made the most of the time by having lunch and washing down one side of Oliver, and then once the other boats had left the basin we took their place and got the roof and other side washed down too.

We met Ben in the basin, it’s his 3rd day onboard his boat, and tomorrow he’s doing the Ribble Link single-handed in his cruiser (aka yoghurt pot). Very brave! There were also a few of the locals hanging out with their beer cans. They were very friendly and we shared some of Mum’s lovely cookies with them – which went down a treat. Sarah thought they might help soak up some of the booze!

It’s just after 5pm and no more boats have turned up, much to my surprise. We passed the boats ‘Silver Fox’ and ‘Comfortably Numb’ on our way down, who we both believe are doing the link with us tomorrow, so that’s at least four of us.

Tomorrow will see us back on the Leeds and Liverpool. It’ll be sad to say goodbye to the Lancaster as it’s been great fun, but we’re looking forward to new pastures and new adventures as we head for Liverpool.