Day 53 – A Bump To The Head

After yesterday’s unplanned stop and mooring (we were a good two foot away from the bank), we were awoken to passing boats and the boat rocking in the silt. We were soon on our way to blue skies and sunshine.

The scenery still offered views of the rolling hills. Toby was steering on a left hand bend, with a fat boat (widebeam) approaching and no signs of slowing down. The usual practice is for both boats to go into reverse, to slow down and minimise any impact. The fat boat thought he could just put it in to full throttle and, cut the corner and miss us (was he new to boating, or just a class 1 muppet?). Toby was in reverse, so when the fat boat smacked us, he only pushed us further back. I ran up to the front and gave the chap a few choice words, he said he wasn’t going that fast – he was at this time across the canal and in the bushes….karma maybe??

We stopped at Garstang for a few supplies at Sainsbury’s, a few supplies always turns in to more than a few supplies (as in goodies). Garstang has it’s annual scarecrow festival this weekend, the preparations are well under way.

A quick lunch and then we were on our way again. I really, really , really don’t like strangers taking pics of me, so Toby has shown me a new tactic, holding the guidebook up to disturb the shot.

We passed this interesting building by the railway line, no signage, and no reference to it in the guide books or google maps, any ideas?

We reached Bilsborrow, our resting place for the night. A yoghurt pot had come adrift before our mooring – at first we thought it must be a very sharp bend in the canal. Toby got off with the mallet and pegged it back in to place. That’s the third one in a week.

We had a wander round, and found the pub selling local Wallings ice cream, on such a lovely day, it would be just wrong to not indulge. I went for a rum and raisin waffle cone, and Toby did the double with chocolate and toffee crunch waffle cone, funnily enough, he didn’t want much dinner!

2 thoughts on “Day 53 – A Bump To The Head”

  1. The mystery building looks a lot like the Hardendale Salt Store which is by the M6 but further north. It maybe something similar.

    Did you get the boat name? If it was a hire boat you could mark his card

  2. Oh No! I have just seen the sign behind Toby. Sarah hasn’t decided on false teeth now has she? That’s a bit drastic.

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