Day 52 – Too Tyred To Continue

Fresh bread baked, and it was time to explore the delights of the Port of Lancaster Smokehouse. We purchased some smoked fish, cheese and chicken to enjoy over the next week, oh and a pot of Morecambe Bay Potted Shrimps for lunch.

The sea lock was in use today with one boat arriving from Brittany and three boats going out, one for sea trials.

We were soon on our way, back up the six locks. The guide book states you have to leave all the locks empty, so we expected to find the locks empty, but no they were all full. The greasy monkey lock keeper (very nice chap, but so called as he was a little too keen with the grease pot and we’ve all ended up with greasy hands) was working at the second lock so I thought I’d ask, he said the book is incorrect, and you leave the lock as you find it, that saved us having to empty all the locks.

I’ve yet to see a Heron catch anything, they’re always on the look out.

We finished the locks and looked for a mooring, with the intention of having lunch and cleaning Oliver. Something caught round the prop and we lost all steerage, having to use the pole to push us to the bank. A lovely lunch of fresh bread and potted Morecambe shrimps, with me doing the washing up and Toby dealing with the prop. Five mins later, Toby returns to say we may be here a while, as we have a motorbike tyre with a metal edge incasing the prop. We used cutters, a junior hacksaw, a saw, a penknife, a dremmel and even my best sewing scissors, but we just couldn’t get through the metal strip.

By 2.30 we decided to call RCR (The AA of the canals), by 6pm Paul arrived, he was well over 6 foot and it was quite a squeeze in the engine bay. We tied a rope round the tyre and fed it under the boat to the bank, while Toby and I pulled, Paul cut a bit more and eased it over the rudder. After an hour it was free to cheers from the bank side.

Toby had great pleasure in throwing the tyre as far out as possible. Phew – all sorted, not quite what we had planned for today, but it worked out in the end.

2 thoughts on “Day 52 – Too Tyred To Continue”

  1. My goodness, what a feast from the smokery! And my goodness, what a dramatic afternoon! That looks like some hefty tyre – so glad you finally got it off the prop, which I hope is none the worse. Less adventure tomorrow, please.

  2. Why is Toby trying to pull a rather large metal ring out of the concrete? Oliver seems to be happily tied up to a bollard. Does he think it’s a giant ring pull for a giant can of beer?

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