Day 34 – What A Difference A Day Makes

We woke up to more rain tip-tapping on the roof, and decided the best place was to stay in bed in the warm! We did eventually surface and I could wait no longer, Toby needed a hair cut – what do you think? The front cratch doubled up quite well as our very own barbers.

We cast off around 11am to dry and warm weather, it lifted our spirits no end (I admit to being thoroughly grumpy by the end of yesterday and the continued rain) . The lock in the photo below was interesting with quite an overflow after the lock, which called for full throttle and a steady hand.

There were a number of swing bridges, some electric, some hand operated and some with little use.

It felt like we were back in the countryside today, with sweeping views and quite a number of fields ready for sowing.

We turned on to the Rufford Branch of the Leeds and Liverpool Canal to be confronted with a swing bridge and a lock, I jumped off but no matter which way I pushed/pulled the swing bridge, it just wouldn’t budge. Toby had to come to my rescue on that one – much to the amusement of the gongoozlers on the bridge.

We’ve had quite an assortment of paddles on these locks, some were like a corkscrew and others that had long wooden handles that you had to lift – I wasn’t so keen on those, it was a bit near to the waters edge for my liking.

We moored up at 5.15, in the middle of nowhere but still had 4G! Toby started up the dremmel which made light work of cutting through the old padlock. The new padlock is much shorter, so if Toby does the same thing again, we can easily spin it round.