Day 28 – So Much For Flaming June

We knew we were in for a lot of rain today, so decided to make a short hop to the outskirts of the Manchester conurbation. We wrapped up warm with our waterproofs and gloves, with plenty of mugs of tea and coffee.

There were a couple of short tunnels, which gave a brief interlude from the rain.

Any missing persons? Perhaps a case for New Tricks to investigate? I know the neighbourhood is a bit dodgy around here but make no bones about it, this looks a bit fishy.

It might be wet, but we keep on smiling 🙂

We went through the lift bridge and moored up shortly after. Sarah walked ahead a bit to see if it looked better further on, but the answer was no so we backed up and picked our spot. Having spent 5 minutes getting our mooring pins in somewhere between the stone blocks and the path, we then found a mooring ring by the middle of the boat. Ah well, too late to move now!

We had our suspicions that the prop had been fouled, so I went fishing in the weed hatch again (seems a bit of a theme this trip!). I caught a few measly bits of string and weed, and then hit the jackpot with this rubber window seal!

Oliver’s batteries had run a bit low yesterday; I looked up the stats and the webasto heater pulls 44W so I think that was partly to blame. Today, after a few false starts, I got the diesel stove burning – nice and toasty, and perfect for drying out all our wet gear!

Tomorrow we’ll be up bright and early to get through the dodgy parts of town before any trouble makers are up and about. We’re planning to stop around Picadilly Village, hopefully in Thomas Telford Basin if we can fit in, otherwise we’ll go alongside.