Day 26 – Don’t Squash My Doughnuts

We woke up this morning to clear blue skies as Sarah navigated us out from the lovely Bugsworth Basin. Someone had got up a bit earlier than we did, and got to the water point before us, so we kept going up to the nearby Tesco store.

Tesco was right next to the canal so gave us the perfect chance to stock up on provisions. I treated myself to jam doughnuts, and the checkout lady said to make sure I don’t squash them as we packed our bags. Rest assured, I never let my doughnuts get squashed!

After Tesco we decided to explore the other fork of the canal up to Whaley Bridge. It’s only a short way, and had a water point so we could top up the water. Turning onto the water point, and then back out again, was made rather tricky by the yoghurt pot moored on the corner. Grrr. Sarah made good use of the bow rope to help pull us around when we left.

We worked our way back through the collection of lift bridges and swing bridges, and Sarah had a go steering through one of them – which just happened to be the manual lift bridge requiring lots of windlass action. Some horses came over at one of the swing bridges to see what was going on. Sadly we didn’t have any polos or sugar cubes to offer!

Both of us have strong memories of passing the swizzle factory on a previous trip , and it didn’t dissapoint the second time around either. The smell as you go past is just awesome and brings back all those childhood memories!

The views remain wonderful… this one speaks for itself.

After a couple of hours further cruising we looked for somewhere to moor up. The first couple of attempts had to be aborted as we ran aground trying to get alongside, but eventually we found a spot where the stern was only a foot or so out from the side.

Whilst writing the blog for today, we had an unexpected visitor as a tiny litte bird flew in and perched on the arm of the sofa. I think it might have been a wren. Sadly it flew off again before Sarah could get the camera.

Tomorrow we’ll be tackling the 16 locks of the Marple flight, our first locks for a while – but a good warm up for the locks on the Ashton in a few days time.