Day 25 – Farewell To The Big Mac

After our day out in Manchester, we set off this morning to overcast skies and a chilly wind, but no rain – hooray! Today’s our last day on the Macclesfield canal as we turn on to the Peak Forest canal.

There are so many pictures we could take of geese and ducks with their young, but we couldn’t resist this one with them all lined up in a row following Mummy.

Sadly not everything on the waterways looks as healthy as the geese above, with these two boats looking particularly poorly šŸ™

It wasn’t too far before we reached Marple junction. For today, we turned right and onto the Peak Forest canal – we’ll be headed back the other way and down the Marple locks in a day or two. We’d got the wooly hats and warm coats out to keep the chill at bay.

This section is lock free, but there’s a good mix of lift and swing bridges, some electric and others like this one requiring a bit more muscle power.

The views remain spectacular all along this stretch. I’m not sure that I improved it though šŸ˜‰

We’ve seen this boat before, but think maybe just on Facebook rather than in the flesh.

The canal forks in two towards the end, and we headed for Bugsworth basin. The basin was pretty much all filled in after the canals fell into disuse, but has been lovingly restored over many years starting in 1968, and finally reopening officially in 2005. Can you spot Oliver?

The site used to be a real hive of industrial activity, with lime kilns burning and shipments of coal, quick lime and various other cargoes constantly headed in and out. These days, it’s rather more tranquil.

Let us know your caption ideas for the above!

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  1. Now moored where we were the last time we met in the bubbly City of Oxford. It seems to be warmer down here. Shorts have once again been the dress code! Rain has however been a feature this evening! Onto the river tomorrow.

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