Day 23 – Trust Your Navigator

Back to my beany self today – yey!! Another dry lock free day, so we we enjoyed the scenery. I really like this picture of the Heron, he looks old and weathered with his long beard and grey coat keeping him warm – Toby was more impressed by the crocodile than I was.

We soon reached Bollington and stopped off at the services (not quite the same set up at as motorway services!) refuelling (118 litres) and a new gas bottle. I’ve been reading the log book from three years ago when Romy, Peter, Pat and Judith did a similar journey, the entry for the 14.06.16 stated that Bollington Wharf services were closed as the husband was in hospital. I asked the lady about it and she said he was very ill after falling off a fork lift truck and ended up selling the business to the current owners.

We passed Clarence Mill which brought back memories of a trip by hire boat many years ago, we stopped and went in to the cafe, and had to ask what a barm cake was – a soft roll to us southerners.

We moored up at Higher Poynton and took a walk along the Middlewood Way which is a disused railway. The photo below shows the old platform and what would have been the railway line. I wasn’t so sure the footpath would lead us here, Toby’s words to me ‘trust your navigator’, he was right!

We spotted some lovely flowers on the way, I particularly like the petals of the pink wild rose, they leave lovely heart shaped confetti on the path.

Our circular walk took us on a not so well used footpath and then through a farm, the donkeys looked like mirror images of each other – I wonder if they’d fallen out?

A half way stop at the local pub, I asked Toby if he still wanted to stop, his response ‘I’ve been saving my poo for this pub’!!!

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  1. Interesting you’ve seen a Heron. Jane had commented earlier today that we haven’t seen one since we left home. However one kingfisher has been spotted at Napton.

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