Day 12 – Early Birds

An early start for us today, with an alarm call at 7am and cast off at 7.20, with only the sunshine and birdsong for company. We were keen to get through Stoke before the troublemakers were up and about. Toby wanted to replace the side fender ropes and was practicing his crown knots for the end (what did we do before google!)

Not long before the first lock, I got quite a shock pushing the metal lock gate, it was somewhat chilly on my bum! My muppetness continues, and I fell over at the next lock closing the gate, luckily I landed on my bum, Toby just shakes his head in despair. The locks show off an interesting side of Stoke.

We made light work of the flight, and Toby did a grand job making the almost 180 degree turn on to The Caldon Canal.

We stopped to top up for water and empty the poo tank, such a glamorous task!

The Caldon was quite a change to the Trent and Mersey, it’s quite narrow, with tight bends and low bridges. We were advised not to stop for the first two hours which is a real shame as the towpath side has plenty of mooring rings.

We passed a number of old Potteries, it’s great to see that the old bottle kilns have been retained as they make quite a dramatic sight.

It’s quite tricky to find moorings, we ended up mooring in sight of Engine Lock, when we arrived there were two boats, now there are five. We had a great view out to the countryside out of the hatch.

As the towpath had changed, Toby decided (felt obliged?!) to wash down the other side of the boat. I made mark 2 of the mango and passionfruit ice creams after finding mark 1 as somewhat tart.

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  1. Enjoy the peace and quiet of the Caldon backwater, especially with this lovely sunshine – you’ll be back and heading for the metrollops soon enough. And Sarah don’t rush those locks!

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