Day 10 – Wash Day

We start the blog with another sunset photo with reflections in the water and on the side of the boat, Toby took this one.

A chilly wind this morning, I had a t-shirt, jumper, body warmer, coat and woolly hat on. I felt quite the softy southerner with other helms just in t-shirts and shorts. As it was lock free to begin with, Toby stayed below dong his techy stuff with the website. I saw this narrowboat in the field, I wonder if anyone lives in it?

Five locks today, and all spaced out, I do like the single locks. We’re travelling up the locks now, it’s always a surprise as to what we’ll find on the other side. I like the photo of the worn steps, I wonder how many pairs of boots have been up and down them over the years.

We moored up at 2.30, which is very early for us, we would have moored up earlier, but there was definitely a whiff in the air from the farm. I made friends with Wanda the twin tub, and caught up on the washing while Toby washed the roof and one side of the boat. He was quite pleased to learn that the towpath doesn’t change any time soon, so the other side won’t get washed for a while.

Oliver looking like a shiny new penny.