Day 9 – Not so Hunky Dory

Did you think Toby would get up in time to watch the Game of Thrones final on catch up?? It took some effort for Toby to get up, but we did cast off as agreed at 8am, and reached Fradley Junction by 9am. Toby watched the final episode in cinema mode (curtains and doors shut, making the space as dark as possible) while I swept the roof and pottered.

Our mooring at Fradley junction

We met up with our friend Ted who lives on nb Summer Breeze at Bartun Turns Marina. We went for lunch and both the lads had a pint and a whopper of a calzone for lunch.

We cast off after lunch moving on to the Trent and Mersey canal, and made swift progress through the next two locks with volunteer lock keepers. Toby made good use of the lock free time prepping his next loaf of bread while I practiced my one arm steering and selfies

We met up with the boat in front called Hunky Dory , they were in the lock and saw water filling the cabin, in a panic they refilled the lock and exited. Their full water tank had a leak and had emptied in to the cabin, they were all safe and no long term damage done, fingers crossed for a speedy repair. We passed through the town of Armitage, famous for toilet plumbing, the factory along the canal dates back to 1817 , it’s quite clever as it follows the curve of the canal.

We had one narrow stretch, luckily no one was coming the other way.

We moored up in Rugely to a dinner of Mexican Bean Salad for tea. I ventured to the local Tesco and topped up supplies, I was like charlie and the chocolate factory as we only do online shopping at home. £50 later, and I realised I may have purchased one too many 2 pints of milk and bananas for our breakfast smoothie!

We also had some great news today when Waitrose in Thame phoned up to say that Oxford Paddlers for Life have been selected for their next Community Matters scheme – we’ll be one of three charities, and get a share of £1000 based on how many of their green tokens people put in our box vs the other charities’ boxes. Start hoarding now and send any you get to our home address please!