Day 8 – Nosey Parkers

We start off with a photo I took last night, we’d already published the blog and thought we’d save it for today – not bad hey!

Only two locks today, and there was a queue in the other direction with the chaps doing the locking, so we had an almost free passage. They say women can talk, just put a windlass in a man’s hand and they’ll talk for hours about bolinder engines and stuff that passes me by. One of the guys was from Huddersfield and called me duck – link to next photo!

It felt like we spent most of the day looking in to people’s back gardens as the non-towpath side was garden after garden. We saw quite a few gnomes, and the odd beer shed. The red flower bush really stood out, the colours so vibrant.

We were making such good progress, we decided to moor up for lunch and enjoy our ploughmans platter from the stern. I’m not sure if I’d fancy being on the back of this boat, or the two lads sat on top of the bridge.

As usual, we went further than planned mooring up at 4.35. Toby did some paddling stuff on the laptop while I cooked creamy garlic chicken from scratch – and very nice it was too. It’s Game of Thrones final tonight, and I’ve dangled Toby a carrot and said if we have an early start (8am…early by Toby’s standards!), we can more up at Fradley junction and he can watch it on catch up before all the spoilers are released.

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  1. Yes – great picture Sarah keep up the good work. Red flower bush is I think a Rhododendron. Stopping to watch tele in the morning seems like real decadence!

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