Day 7 – Ashby La Vista, Baby

Bear with us on the blog post titles, we’ve got 120 to find!

Another chilly morning, we were prepared with our thermals and snoods. Today we left the rural Ashby Canal and joined the Coventry canal, which felt like the M6 of canals with quite a number of boats on the move including Darth Wader and Watt Now, an electric boat.

After motoring for an hour of so, we moored at Nuneaton to replenish supplies at the local Sainsburys. We saw a shopping centre and I asked a passer by if there was an M&S food hall inside, I said we were on holiday and didn’t know the area. She looked shocked and asked if we were on holiday in Nuneaton! I explained we were passing through on the canals. Back on our way, and we soon passed the infamous water point where Peter left his camera, luckily for him it was off side and still there when he returned (once bitten, sadly not twice shy when he did it again last year on The River Avon!)


We reached Atherstone and the flight of 11 locks, happy days with plenty of v’lockys to lend a hand, we made swift progress. Sadly a boat pulled out in front of us so we had to fill and empty each one.

There is still plenty of greenery to be seen, some more pleasant than others.

We moored up and Toby watched the FA cup final while I prepared dinner (sausage casserole) and prepped food for tomorrow. Evening routine seems to be eat, blog, logbook, showers and bed, I’m usually fast asleep by 9pm, all this fresh air and locks is tiring me out.

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  1. The wreck of a boat was outside the house and dry dock of the owner of the Company who built “Casual Water”. Local shops and good moorings after last bridge at Polesworth. A little further on is The Samual Barlow pub at Alvecote Marina where “CW” was launched in 2008.

  2. Well the first week seems to have flown by. Lovely view through the hedges to the open fields. We are looking forward to week 2.

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