Day 3 – Driven Round The Bend

It was with some effort that Toby finally made it out of bed after 10.5hrs of sleep, it was his own snoring that woke him up in the end. We cast off at 8.45 and another day of warm sunshine and blue skies. The photo below is the view from the side hatch this morning – glorious

Only 1 lock today, and that was a stop lock between two canals, there must only be a couple of inches difference in height. I had a small run in with a grumpy old git who said I should be more over to my side as we passed, I would have been in the bushes. I smiled and wished him a happy holiday, I really wanted to tell him to buzz off. Toby made the most of me steering, his morning smoko break was a scone with strawberry jam and clotted cream.

We saw some horses cooling down in the canal, by the time we had passed, they had seen their owner and were galloping across the field

We had a 180 degree turn today at Hawksbury junction (see video below). There is a pub full of gongoozlers, waiting for you to fail. Toby made it in one, we have video evidence but Toby’s video editing skills need a bit more practice to make it small enough to upload to the blog!

We stopped for lunch, and the inevitable setting the smoke alarm off cooking some toast, we we’re on our way to yet more lock free cruising. We then had a 90 degree turn on to The Ashby Canal which is new territory for us. It’s wonderfully rural although quite narrow and bendy (not that you’d think it from the picture below!)

Thanks to mum and dad for checking on the house – you were spotted!!