At Leisure in Leamington

We had a special treat today meeting Ros and Robin Aston in Leamington Spa.  Although we have kept in touch at Christmas we hadn’t seen Ros since our time in Miri nearly 30 years ago and Robin a little more recently when we lived in Prestbury between 1990 and 1993.  My goodness how the last thirty years have flown by!  It was lovely to see them again and enjoy a very pleasant lunch at Rosie’s Tea Rooms.

We walked back to Oliver after replenishing our victuals and decided to move out into the countryside for the evening.  After the somewhat poorly maintained locks at Radford and Fosse we moored a little way before Wood Lock on our second attempt.  On our first try we found very shallow water close to the towpath but after a few hundred yards we found an ideal spot.

Your special treat is the absence of photos!

One thought on “At Leisure in Leamington”

  1. Booooooo, the photos are the best bit. You could have at least taken a selfie with the four of you!

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