Fortune Favours The Brave

We started today at 7:45 with the intention of stopping at the top of the Hatton Flight.  We got there at about 11:50 having stopped at Shrewley to visit the post office store for some milk.  So we decided that if there was another boat going down and some volunteers present we would tackle the flight today and moor somewhere near the bottom.  This turned out to be an excellent decision as a boat in front of us had decided to wait to see if we wanted to join them and there were four volunteers on duty.  We later learned that there were no volunteers on tomorrows roster!  We reached the bottom of the flight at 14:20.  Romy steered all the way gliding into most of the locks in tandem with Brian on one of Kate’s Boats, called Rebecca.  He and his wife have been hiring boats for thirty years so it was all old hat for him but a new experience for Romy.

Two by Two
All in a day’s work

Earlier we had passed through the remaining Lapworth Locks and the picturesque Kingswood Junction.  It seems a very tight turn for a 60 foot boat after lock 20 so we were glad not to be 70 foot.

Kingswood Junction

We also spotted an interesting plant in one of the side ponds that we have so far failed to identify.  Any suggestions will be welcome.


We were chased down the locks for some time by a large black mass of cloud which looked quite dramatic and very threatening but it never came to anything.

Things are looking black

We are undeniably a bit particular about where we moor and couldn’t find anything to our liking near or even remotely near the bottom of Hatton so we pressed on and on and….Eventually we stopped in Leamington Spa just after bridge 42 but it was next to the main road and very noisy.  The bike came out again and a quick recce indicated that there was a much better place after bridge 40 so we decided to move there.  Rebecca followed us.  So here we are moored outside what I thought was an office block but turns out to be student accommodation.

Also seen en route:

‘Til death us do part
Concrete Evidence

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  1. Wow, great progress today and it sounds like you’ve made some good friends on nb Rebecca. There can’t be many locks (or miles left)…..and you say we do long days!!

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