We did a bit of cleaning this morning so as to impress Oliver’s owners who arrive for an inspection tomorrow.  The Avoncroft museum which we planned to visit didn’t open until 10:00 anyway.  So today’s blog has nothing much to do with the canals.

One of the first things we saw was a police box.  Younger readers may think it is a Tardis but no, it is a police box.  They were a bit frightening for many of the population when they were introduced.  If unmanned the door in the side could be opened and one could speak into the round grill and a policeman would then reply.  This was the height of technology at the time.

The Police Box
What? Talk to that?

We then toured the grounds looking at the reconstructed buildings from several different eras.

Pre-fabs were introduced after the war to meet the increasing need for new housing after so many properties had been destroyed.  There was big shortage of wood and the exterior was asbestos and the window frames metal.  They had a kitchen, sitting room, two bedrooms and the luxury of inside bathroom and toilet, small gardens and a coal shed.

Well equipped kitchen

The showman wagon, which cost £1,000 in 1910 was drawn by a traction engine which cost £3,500 so this was far from a poor man’s home.  It even had electric light supplied via batteries when most homes still had no electricity.

Luxurious living in the showman wagon

The town house dates from medieval times but has been modified later.  Romy found the warmest spot to sit by the fire with its enormous chimney.

Town House
A warm spot

Just close by she greatly admired the construction of the truck-framed barn dating from the 16 century.

Cruck-framed barn used for threshing when it was all done by hand

After a sandwich lunch we visited the local supermarkets and then headed back to Oliver to sit out the expected evening rain that has just started at 18:00.  It has has also become quite a lot cooler and there is a fresh breeze.

We are looking forward to seeing our extended crew for tomorrow’s climb to the top of Tardebigge.

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  1. Hopefully it will be fine for your visitors and climb tomorrow. We’re enjoying Tenby. Clear blue skies and long course open water swimming. People everywhere both watching and hundreds swimming. Quite spectacular.
    Happy cruising.

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