Birthday Girl

We had our earliest start this week, with a 9am cast off, it was a little rushed as a hire boat was just about to leave the lock, so we seized our chance!  There was a group of swans on the towpath, so I went armed with a few slices of bread as a distraction.

Toby expertly steering us through all the moored boats

Once through the locks, we motored through Blisworth tunnel with only one boat coming the other way.  We wanted to get a photo of the air shafts , although it was a but tricky as you can’t see them ahead, and then all the water is dripping down them!

Air shaft in Blisworth Tunnel

It was somewhat cooler today, so we had our jackets, hats and gloves on.  Toby was the pied piper collecting ducks with the leftover bread supplies

Feeding the ducks
Chilly on the canal

We arrived back at Heyford Fields marina about 12.15.  I was talked in to taking us in to the marina, and then reversing on to the pump out pontoon.  I did OK [Ed: more thank ok!] , although I did have Toby’s expert tuition and light winds!  We finally got Oliver back on his mooring at 12.45.  A cuppa and a cookie with Brian and Lorraine, and then we packed up the car.

What a fab birthday, and a lovely end to our honeymoon.  I felt a little sad that it’s come to the end, Toby said it’s just the beginning.