Autumn Bliss

Today is our last full day of the honeymoon period…we had another somewhat lazy start but got going a little earlier than yesterday to try to beat the rain and get a mooring at Stoke Bruerne.

We had to pass Kingfisher marina nice and slowly in case of any ducks crossing

Sarah commented that we don’t normally get to see haystacks when we’re on the canals in the summer time, but they make a lovely sight all stacked up neatly.

Autumnal scenes

About an hour away from the locks at Stoke Bruerne and we had another boat on our tail. Sarah was determined to not let them pass, in case moorings were in short supply, so I pushed the revs up a bit and we stayed in front.

As we reached the bottom lock, we caught up with another boat that was just going in, so we slipped in next to them and went up the locks as a pair. I’m sure the boat behind was somewhat disappointed to now have to wait for us to go up, and then have to go through themselves on their own. I was just glad I’d followed Sarah’s orders and not let them past, or I’d have had an earful!

Moored up just below Stoke Bruerne, where there was plenty of space. Up top was a lot busier.
On the way to dinner we spotted a butterfly resting on the lock gate beam, so here’s the obligatory wildlife photo for the day.

We went out for a very pleasant curry at the Spice of Bruerne before returning to Oliver for our last night out on the cut.