Wet Wallies

In the rush of getting all our stuff together, Toby managed to forget his PJs (or was it planned?!), so I’ve ended up with morning tea and coffee duties.  This morning I left the pan of milk on the hob, I thought I was smelling toast from another boat, and then the penny dropped!  Thank goodness for non stick pans, although the same can’t be said for our smoke alarm, which was silent throughout.

Burnt on milk dregs – oops

After a breakfast of croissants, we set off about 10ish to a cloudy day, only two locks to do today – and only 16 for the week, we’re used to doing more than that in one day!

Just after Cosgrove and the moored boats are beginning to build
View from the Iron Aquaduct, it’s a sheer drop on this side, with a fenced off footpath the other side

Today is our half way day, so we needed to turn in a winding hole.  As we try and do one way trips (with Peter and Romy’s help), or a circular route, three point turns in a narrowboat isn’t one of Toby’s strengths!  I decided to stand on the bow, I soon had to move inside, and lift any branches to minimise any scratches.

View from the bow in the winding hole

We were very lucky with Herons today, athough the zoom on our camera isn’t great.

Heron at the winding hole
A Heron with some lunch, sadly the quality isn’t great, but it’s the first time I’ve seen a Heron with a fish
A mermaid of rope

In all the rush of packing, we forgot the wet gear.  I blame Romy and Peter, as we cleared out the boat earlier in the year for the return leg from Bristol.  We had a few showers, and managed with the brollie.

My new mug

On our way back to Cosgrove, the canal seemed to turn green, we wern’t sure if it was the rain, reflection, or grass in the canal.  We soon passed the culprit, and some green dye seeping in to the canal

The green waters of the canal

Along with all the apples on the trees, we’ve had the smells of a few log burners going, and the trees beginning to turn.  Autumn is on the way.  We moored up about 3pm, just by the bridge and The Navigation Pub – guess where we’re going for dinner!

A wonderful wedding gift from Richard and Jane on Casual Water. The colours match perfectly, thank you both

In the evening we had dinner at the Navigation, Sarah had the most enormous looking Calzone, though the waiter promised it used the same amount of dough as the standard pizza.

Very impressive looking Calzone!