Off The Top

Waking early seems to have become an ingrained habit.  We cast off at 7:35 this morning.  It was dry but grey and quite chilly.  Soon  patches of blue appeared and it was not long before it became another beautiful day.

What a lovely day

As we approached our first lock at Marston Doles another boat, that had been at the water point, shot out in front of us, they were in such a hurry that they had to come back to get their key!  A few locks down another boat told us they had a similar experience but the boat that leaped out had forgotten to untie their rear rope.  That must have been very funny to watch.

There were volunteers on the Napton Locks and they were extremely helpful to  us rather than the boat in front, perhaps because of our tale of disgust or perhaps it was the cookies Romy gave them.  One of them went ahead and prepared several of the locks for us.  This meant we made very good time to Napton so we had a good lunch at the somewhat eccentrically decorated Folly Inn.  We then had a walk up the hill to the village store.

Helpful volunteers replete with cookies
Is it a Folly?

As we passed Black Prince Marina a 70ft boat came hurtling out of the marina without seeming to look in either direction.  The owner was clearly not pleased when we made it clear that we expected him to stop.

We thought it would be good to get clear of Braunston early on Thursday to avoid returning hire boats and considered stopping at the moorings either side of bridge 102.  Another bike recce showed that there were numerous excellent moorings all the way down to just before bridge 100 so that’s where we eventually tied up.  This we thought provided an excellent starting point for our journey through Braunston tomorrow, not forgetting we have to stop at the chandlery to accomplish a black operation.

Pretty as a picture